Steel Magnolias (1989)

Yep, that’s a quote from Steel Magnolias, the third in my writing. That film had quite an impact on my psyche. Probably because, even though it was directed by a man, it has a stella cast of women. And it was about struggles experienced by women. I mean, it did…

She’s over there wearing docs

I’m over here eating cake.

Those red shoes look country

Kids are for the young, but also the old

I block out sound with sound

Unformed patterns with uniform patterns

Wooden floor, practically laid

She looks agitated, smoothing her hair to soothe herself

Not knowing…

Photo by k on Unsplash

I waited to grow up

I waited to have my period

I waited to be a woman

I waited for my first kiss

I waited for my first intimate moment

I waited to love

I waited to be loved

I waited for that hand in mine

I waited for the…

Helen Roberts

Express not repress

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